Dear fellow Nelsonites,
The 207th anniversary of Trafalgar is almost upon us, and since it is the first Trafalgar Day since the start of HMS Hinchy, I thought I'd make a bit of a celebration of it, in the form of Trafalgar Week! I will be posting something new every day of the week (probably in the evenings), ending next Sunday on the 21st October.
 I am very busy with college work, so some posts may be shorter than others, but I will try my best! I will not be defeated by teachers giving me too much homework! *Hint to college teachers: give me less homework!* 
 If you follow our Twitter and Facebook pages (if you aren't, why ever not?), I'll let you know when a new post is up! 
So remember to check back- if you don't it'll be a dozen lashes of the Cat O' Nine Tails for you!
Vice-Admiral Rae-Rae :)

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    Hi there! I am second in command here at HMSH!
     My name is Rae-Rae and and I live in Worcestershire in the UK.
     I am a teen Nelson enthusiast and my passion has lasted since I was only nine- over seven years!
     I aim (rather ambitiously!) to rekindle the love of Nelson and his Navy for the younger generations and make him a well-known hero again. I want his memory never to fade!
     Please do check my YouTube channel for any Nelson-related videos, as I do post on there from time to time!



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