Hey there!

 Welcome to the first post in the Ship’s Log!

This blog will keep you up to date with all things Nelson-related that are happening in my life! I will be posting videos from time to time and also posts on my musings about Nelson and the world he lived in.

 So here’s a little about myself. ..

My name is Rae-Rae. I am sixteen years old and about to go on to do A-levels. My interest in Nelson began one day at school. They told us that Friday 21 October  2005 was Trafalgar Day- I didn’t have a clue what it meant, but it sounded quite boring!
As it turned out, it was very much the opposite, and it triggered a passion for Nelson and his Navy that has for lasted for six and a half years. This was very much helped by my dad and granddad who themselves have an interest in naval history.

I aspire to one day turn my passion into a career and be able to study Nelson's Navy in much more depth and make discoveries for myself about the Age of Sail.  Someday I hope to write a book about the great man, once my mind is full to the brim of knowledge! But my biggest ambition: to make Nelson a popular hero again- especially for the younger generations!

 As a Nelson enthusiast, it is very important to me that the two-century-long fascination with Nelson and his times continues grow and flourish. I write this blog with one goal in mind: to make something which was entertaining, informative and arouses people's interest. This I hope (fingers crossed!) I will achieve. Let me know how I do!

I also make YouTube videos for the same purpose. Please feel free to check those out by clicking on the link below!


 And thus concludes my first post!

 Have fun and enjoy the rest of the website!

 Rae-Rae :)

 “Never Fear The Event”
6/9/2012 09:39:09 am

Great site/blog, keep up the good work and looking farward to more to come. three cheers for Lord Nelson. hip hip ahray ..

6/9/2012 09:23:59 pm

Thanks for your comment! It's great to see that our website is reaching other young people, and that you're enjoying it! :)


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    Hi there! I am second in command here at HMSH!
     My name is Rae-Rae and and I live in Worcestershire in the UK.
     I am a teen Nelson enthusiast and my passion has lasted since I was only nine- over seven years!
     I aim (rather ambitiously!) to rekindle the love of Nelson and his Navy for the younger generations and make him a well-known hero again. I want his memory never to fade!
     Please do check my YouTube channel for any Nelson-related videos, as I do post on there from time to time!



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