It's hard, isn't it? I suppose it's the same for anyone with an eccentric interest, but it's particularly troublesome when the one Nelson fact people know is that he was 'the guy with one arm'. However, it's not all bad, as I will be exploring today!

GOOD: It's unique, so you can really stand out from the crowd. So uncool that it's cool, really!
BAD: No-one, by which I mean NO-ONE of my age is interested (except my dear friend Rae-Rae), which means that any Nelson-related conversation is short-lived and generally thanks to extraordinary patience on the other person's side.
GOOD: It's easy to look clever if no-one knows when you're making mistakes!
BAD: People think it's weird and stereotype you as a nerd - it's easy to become a caricature of yourself.
GOOD: The books are always in the library. Some of the popular teenage bools at my local library have WAITING LISTS! However, Nelson biographies are always there on the shelf, and they never have waiting lists.
BAD: It's lonely if you don't know any other fangirls. I am very fortunate to have found Rae-Rae, but before I did it could be quite hard all alone with my books.

I hope you can relate to some of these points! I'll write more soon! :)
6/19/2012 14:04:58

I know how it feels to be a teenaged girl who is also a history nerd. I went to a shopping mall with two friends, and I was lugging around a book about the Battle of Quebec, 1759, all day. Furthermore, when I tried to talk about history with them, they made polite little "hmm" sounds and then got off the subject as soon as they could, talking about proms and male actors and pop music and what have you! I think I may have been branded as a total "square"! So anyway, it's a comfort I'm not the only one!

7/15/2012 23:41:59

I really enjoy reading your blog! I have a passion for Nelson too!

7/15/2012 23:51:56



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