Dear Nelsonites/Hinchinites,
 It's never easy to say goodbye to something you've put your heart and soul into, but I believe the time has come for me to move on from HMS Hinchinbrook. I'm so grateful that Rosie gave me the opportunity to get involved with HMS Hinchy, and I've learned so much from this experience.
 However, I feel that poor, beloved HMS Hinchy just isn't reaching it's full potential as a joint website, and that by me and Rosie going independent, we'll both be able to manage things at our own pace and bring out the best of our own projects.
 I now have a new blog, The Great Cabin, where I'll be continuing my blog posts from now on.
 Thus, I leave you in C-in-C Rosie's capable hands!
 Wish me luck (and follow my new blog)!
 Vice-Admiral Rae-Rae :)
"Thank God I Have Done My Duty"

Rosie (yes that one)
11/7/2012 13:30:12

Great job Rae-Rae! You really have done your duty, and done it brilliantly! Nelson himself would be proud of the wonderful tributes you have so often paid! :)

11/7/2012 15:02:38

Aww thanks Rosie! I'm looking forward to many more awesome posts from you. It's been an honour to serve with you! :)

s james
11/7/2012 13:44:24

I wish you fair winds and calm sea's Rae rae with your new command. thx for some great posts over the months. Lord Nelson would be proud.

11/7/2012 15:00:09

Haha! Thank you very much! :)


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     I am a teen Nelson enthusiast and my passion has lasted since I was only nine- over seven years!
     I aim (rather ambitiously!) to rekindle the love of Nelson and his Navy for the younger generations and make him a well-known hero again. I want his memory never to fade!
     Please do check my YouTube channel for any Nelson-related videos, as I do post on there from time to time!



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