First and foremost, I offer an enormous apology for my absence- it's been over a month since my last post! I've been neglecting my blog for no other reason than lack of inspiration. I have some ideas in my head but I'm struggling to get them down. Writer's block, perhaps? :/

But, moving on, I thought I'd write a little about my holiday in Portsmouth a few weeks ago!
Anybody who knows me reasonably well would know that I am obsessed with Portsmouth- it is seriously my favourite place in the whole world. And, surprisingly, I remember liking the place before my interest in Nelson came about! 
 I think it has so much to offer, especially for anybody with an interest in naval history, and particularly for Nelson Nutters like me! :)

Me, my dad, his wife, Lizza, and my little sister, Skye, went for about a week and my auntie Sally also joined a couple of days later. We all stayed in a Travel Lodge, and, let me tell you, I just love Travel Lodges *sarcasm*. 
 But, to be fair, it wasn't all that bad, although the room was VERY warm. And I wasn't sleeping on a mattress on the floor for once- I had been upgraded to the sofa- huzzah!

During the holiday we always have a couple of visits to the Isle of Wight to visit the beach and the Donkey Sanctuary, the Chessell Pottery Barns- they have the biggest scones in the world!- and watch the fireworks display at the Needles, which they do on Thursdays through-out the summer. 
 We also usually have a trip somewhere else, often Brighton, but this year we instead planned to go to London on the Train... which didn't happen. Unfortunately, we didn't realise how expensive that would be, and in the end we decided to leave it for another day. Had we gone, one of the things we would have done would have been to see the Nelson effigy in Westminster Abbey. Alas, at almost a hundred pounds for the train journey alone, that joy has been denied me. :'(


    Hi there! I am second in command here at HMSH!
     My name is Rae-Rae and and I live in Worcestershire in the UK.
     I am a teen Nelson enthusiast and my passion has lasted since I was only nine- over seven years!
     I aim (rather ambitiously!) to rekindle the love of Nelson and his Navy for the younger generations and make him a well-known hero again. I want his memory never to fade!
     Please do check my YouTube channel for any Nelson-related videos, as I do post on there from time to time!


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